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The Extension Experience


Whether you are seeking a confidence boost from fuller hair, looking to add some length or both, extensions are a safe and natural-looking way to achieve those results.

Haircolor Extensions Hairstylist

Before I tell you about the life-changing, mood-elevating, appearance transforming strands, let's talk about who extensions are really for...

Whether you are...

  • Struggling with thinning hair and looking to add volume

  • Stuck at a length that doesn't make you happy

  • Just ready for a total transformation

You're in the right place and I'm going to show you exactly how extensions can give you the shift in self-confidence you've been looking for without all of the high-maintenance stereotypes you thought came with extensions.

Have more questions? Scroll down...I have answers.


What to Expect at Your First Appointment

As a first-time hair extension client, you'll receive a little extra time in my chair to ensure we have a thorough consultation, a chance to review aftercare, and the most seamless blend between your hair and your extensions so no one ever knows you're wearing them!

All appointments include:

-A custom color for your extensions so they match your hair perfectly

-Extension hair installation

-Precision blended cut


-Luxury extension aftercare kit to ensure you have everything you need to protect your investment.


Lunch will be included (on me) if your appointment lasts longer than five hours. We've got plenty of hot and cold beverages and snacks available for you too! 

If you're ready to experience extensions, click the link below to fill out my pre-consultation form so I can create a customized quote e based on your specific hair goals. I cannot wait to see you in my chair!

Hairstylist Haircolor Hair Extensions


How much will my extensions cost?

Extensions range in price from $450-$1,000+. I only use high-quality hair and methods that won't damage your hair when cared for properly. You are investing in a superior product and application method when you work with me. 

How often will I have to come in?

In order to prevent breakage and damage, you will need to come in to service your extensions every 6-8 weeks. If you choose the halo crown extensions, they can last up to 1 year+ with excellent care.


How long will my hair be?

That is completely up to you! I offer extensions for length, density, style, color, or a combination of all 4! I am able to get high-quality hair at several lengths to meet your needs and I am an expert on blending for a natural result. 

Types of Extensions I Currently Offer


Halo Crown Extensions

-Professionally color-matched by yours truly

-Available in 16"-20" lengths

- Cut and blended to fall naturally when placed

-I will show you exactly how to place and maintain your extensions

-No follow-up appointments are necessary 

-Hair will last up to 1 year+

- $450+

Hair Extensions Haircolor Haircut Hairstylist


Hand-Tied Extensions

-Professionally color-matched by yours truly

-Available in 18"-22" lengths

- Cut and blended to match your hair

-Offers the most natural, easy-to-style final result compared to other methods

- Follow-up maintenance appointments every 6-8 weeks

-Initial investment $800+

- Follow-up visits $250+

Hair Extensions Haircolor Haircut Hairstylist


Coming Soon...



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